Who Am I?

Hello, beautiful people! If you’re reading this, I would like to say Welcome to the Peachy Queen Lifestyle blog. I am Alexus Cisco. I named my blog Peachy Queen lifestyle because I want to talk about who I am, where I come from, what I like/dislike and the on-going things happening in my life. That covers the lifestyle part. I was born in Kentucky on July 14th, 1998. At the age of 6 months, my family picked up and moved to Germany to establish a life there (the life of an Army Brat includes always being on the move). We stayed there until I was 4 and my family decided (more like the Army decided) to move to Georgia; hence the name peachy. My dad decided to retire here when I was 8. Even though I was born somewhere else, Georgia will always be my forever home. I’ve been here for almost 15 years and I will always be a Georgia Peach at heart. This place has brought me so much joy, and so much heartache. I have gained friends, lost friends, prospered through all the educational stages here, and I’ve kind of made a name for myself.

My life truly started to mean something to me when I went to high school. There was more freedom, basketball games, football games, participation in sports, friends, classes, clubs and a whole new responsibility. I took that head on and embraced what was happening in my life. I participated in clubs ranging from FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America) to my school’s student council. I also was a part of my school’s step team for all four years of high school. I was sort of an overachiever and I’ve been that way all my life. I usually always have a plan for how my life is going to go. When I was little I wanted to be a singer, but my voice wasn’t so angelic. I dropped that dream when I looked up the salary in middle school and picked something else. I mean I was going to have to drop that dream anyway because I was no Beyoncé. After that dead dream, I picked up the dream of being a family psychologist. Not too shabby of a job, but it is a dying field. After being told it would make me no money I chose something else. I was watching Sex in the City one day and I noticed how fabulous Samantha’s Public Relations job was. I thought to myself, “I could do that!” Then I thought, “Girl this is unrealistic.” I decided to look up what the job entails and see if it was really something worth studying in college. I came to the conclusion that it really wouldn’t be too bad, and it’s so broad that I can find something that I love doing in it. Clearly, I stuck to that plan because I am a Public Relations Major at Kennesaw State University. My life has truly only just begun. I am one year down in college and I have three more years to go. Wish me luck!

Other than doing my college work; I like to cook in my spare time with my boyfriend. Pinterest is my best food friend and also my daily lookbook for outfits. Did I mention fashion was my thing too? This is just a little bit about who I am. You will figure out the rest soon enough!