My First Year at Kennesaw State University

Hello, beautiful people! Today I wanted to talk about my college life. First, let me start out by saying that I am not one to party. Partying has never been my thing and I try to go out occasionally. People say college is all about making connections with people and partying, and I barely did that. When it came to my first year of college I focused on school and my relationship with my boyfriend. I made a few friends, but majority of the time I was studying, eating something, stressing about how broke I was, eating something else, calling my mom every day telling her how my day was, going out on dates, calling my mom again to tell her how the date was, and Netflix and Chilling. Even though I barely did anything, Kennesaw State University was very good to me for my first year.

My classes were a mixture of easy and hard. My first semester was probably my easiest. I took Composition I, Wellness (it was a requirement sadly), public speaking, and Human communication. If I had to pick one that was the hardest it would probably be public speaking. I wasn’t talking in front of hundreds of people every time I had to give a speech, but it felt like it. I would literally have panic attacks before going up, and when I got done it would take me an hour to calm down from the adrenaline running through my body. I never made an A on any of my speeches but I got an A in the class. That was only because she didn’t like giving us test, but had to give us a midterm and a final. She would let us fill up a sheet of paper with notes and use it as a cheat sheet. I loved her for that. I made a 99 on my final because of that cheat sheet (shout out to that professor and that cheat sheet because they are both the GOAT). The rest of my classes were pretty much a breeze. I made a B in Human Communication, and I have zero ideas on how I made a B on something I do on a daily basis. I know I said I didn’t connect that much with people, but I know I communicated with humans every day. Anyways, my other two classes were okay. My wellness class was mostly online, and my composition class was boring. I made it out of both of those classes with an A.

My second semester is one I knew was going to be difficult, but it was only because I had a math class. I am one who thinks of math as a foreign language. If there are numbers and letters in a problem please don’t bring that to me. Am I the only one that thinks X’s should stay out of the equation (get it)? Moving on! The classes that I took the second semester were Composition II, Pre-calculus, American Government, and Love and Sex. The most interesting of those classes had to be *drum roll* love and sex. The lectures were an extreme bore, but the readings were very informative and interesting. I learned more about sexuality, sexual desires, gender norms, stereotypes, and feminism. You would think I knew everything about being a girl, but nope! My hardest class was pre-calculus like I said before math was not my thing. I think God was watching over me because somehow I got an A in that class. My other two classes weren’t all that interesting.

When I had free time I hung out with my boyfriend. We usually tried to find something to do every weekend. We loved going to the movies and trying new places to eat. We’ve tried hiking at the Kennesaw Mountain and I almost died (me being very dramatic). Well, I didn’t almost die, but I felt like it. We made it to the top after my constant complaining and stopping. It was a pretty cool experience.IMG_7396

That’s all I have for my first year at Kennesaw State University! I hope you guys enjoy the read and tune in for my next one! 🙂