10 Survival Tips to Make it Through Your Freshman Year of College

College is the place to better yourself and to find out what your likes and dislikes are. I want to be the person to inform you of some survival tips to get through your first year of almost kind of adulthood.

  1. The Dorm Rooms Usually Suck But Make the Most Out Of It

College dorm rooms are usually always sucky, but this is about to be your home for a year or more. Take the time to decorate it and make it your home. I missed my family a lot when I was gone, so I hung up pictures of them, which got me through some of those hard times. Make your space something that you want to go to every day and relax in. School is already an adjustment, don’t live in an empty box for a year.

  1. Your Syllabus Is Your Bestie for The Restie

Your high school syllabus is nothing like a college syllabus. Your syllabus is your life for the rest of the semester. Your syllabus should have all of your assignment dates, projects, and test on them. When you receive those papers, keep them in the binder for that class so you can refer back to them at any point. It is probably best to have some sort of dry erase calendar or a planner so you can write down assignments and test that are due soon. Don’t forget to read your syllabus before your first day of class and bring it to your class on the first day.

  1. Work first, Party way later

Yeah, college is where the partying begins, but that will die out quickly. Your parents don’t pay thousands of dollars for you to get drunk and miss class. You can do that when you have finished your work. It is all about time management. If you finish your paper a week or two early and you don’t have a test coming up, then that’s when you can start thinking about partying. If you only are going to college to party, then don’t go to college. Don’t waste your time or money when you can just get a job out of high school and party all you want. You came to college for a reason, and that is to gain knowledge that will make you money so you can throw all the parties you want.

  1. The food is going to get tiring and delivery is going to also be your bestie for the restie

I ate A LOT of pizza during my freshman year. Nobody could tell me that Papa John’s wasn’t the man with a plan (he isn’t anymore). I was a little spoiled because I went to (and still am attending) Kennesaw State University where they offer a variety of food options all in one building. Those food choices do get repetitive and soon you will fall tired. This doesn’t just happen at KSU. This happens EVERYWHERE. So, keep those delivery options on speed dial.


I gained way more weight than I wanted to my freshman year. Obviously, Papa Johns and the Kennesaw State University Commons were not the men with the plans. College kids tend to stay up and staying up causes snack cravings and it doesn’t help that Waffle House, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Jimmy Johns stays open late. Try your hardest to stay as active as possible. Kennesaw State isn’t the biggest campus, but all that walking you have to do is worth it. If you can make it to the gym every once in a while, do it.

  1. Get involved in something

I was accepted into a lot of honor societies during my freshman year, but I never went to any of the meetings. I was socially awkward, but I don’t want you to be. That was a big mistake for me. I didn’t get myself involved in anything, and that stopped me from making friends and making a difference on and off campus. College is the place for you to truly figure out what you like to do. There is pretty much a club for any and everything, and if there is not a club for something that you like, start one! Find a place that you like fitting into and you will enjoy college way more.

  1. Rate my professor is a MAJOR KEY

When you are registering for classes please please please search your professor on rate my professor. This is like the key to having the best schedule. Rate my professor will give you scores from 1 to 5 on how good the professor is. It will tell you if they take attendance, how many tests they give if you will have group projects, and it will even tell you your professors’ hotness level. You don’t need to pay attention to that cause that not what you are going to school for *subtle wink*


I know in high school teachers would tell you if you missed a day it was like missing three days. Well, if you miss a day in college, it is like missing a week. You won’t go to these classes every day. You will go to these classes a good two to three days, so if you miss a day it is going to put you in a hole. If you are going to school to learn then go to class. Unless you’re sick, GO TO CLASS!

  1. Group me is going to be your savior

If you want to be successful in a class that you know you’re going to struggle with, then make a group me so all your classmates can join. Whenever you have assignments due and you are trying to get advice on what everybody is doing. This could help you in a lot of ways. It will keep you on point with assignments and test and you could even put together study groups so that you can get a better understanding of things. Group me offers different perspectives from different people.

  1. Study so hard your head can’t take it anymore

Studying in high school is like a piece of cake because you really didn’t have to study. College is a WHOLE different ball game. You have to study to be successful. You will run into some easy classes that you don’t have to put as much effort in, but for the most part, you will need to study. If it is vocabulary based or you need to memorize some information, then you can make flashcards or used an advanced flashcard site called Quizlet. Whatever works for you, do it!

Find a good way to study and use it because that is going make you successful in all of your class. Make time for studying and start studying way before the test is approaching. My professor my sophomore year of the school told me that if you want to make an A in a class, you should study an hour for every credit hour a class at least 3 to 4 times a week. Sounds like a lot of work, but it makes a successful student.

Thank you my loves for tuning in to my blog and I hope that these tips help you in your freshman year of college or even your sophomore or junior year. The work doesn’t get easier, but the adjusting does.