Why It’s​ Okay That You’re Not Where You’re​ Supposed to be in Life

Life sucks! We all know that. It doesn’t get any easier, but it might become more manageable. We all for the most part just want to be successful. We want the good job that we love so much, the nice house, the good husband or wife, the two little dogs, and 2.5 kids (don’t know how you can have half a kid, but apparently that’s a thing). Although it all sounds so nice, it doesn’t always come like that. Life doesn’t hand you a box at birth and tells you, “open this at 27 and all your dreams will come true!” It is more like, “Hey, I know you wanted that house at 28, but you’re going to have to put up with this crappy apartment that you pay $2,500 for every month. Smile!” We know its bad, but its okay to not have everything you want in the projected time period you wanted.


Things come to you when they are meant to come to you. Yeah, you wanted that house and that new Jeep, but it just isn’t meant for right now. People have this mindset that life should have some order. An example of this is dropping out of school for a semester or a year because you just can’t afford it. You want to finish school in 4 years, but now you have to wait up to a year before you can even register again. That is a setback, but life is full of those. So what, you finish in five years? The goal was to finish school regardless of if you do it in 4, 5, or 6 years. Things come up, and that is okay.

Life takes its own course and you have just go with the flow. A good way to handle this is to have a better attitude about what comes along. Instead of staying frustrated at what occurs, try and think that this is happening to you for a reason. I say staying frustrated because most people’s first reaction to something that didn’t go their way is being upset and frustrated. You are allowed to be frustrated and upset because emotion is good, but you should push yourself to see the brighter side of what is going on.

A very simple example I can offer is when I thought I put in the right address to go back home from a family members house and I actually put in the wrong one. I planned on getting home at the projected time on my GPS, but that was changed when I realized that I was riding on a street that didn’t look familiar to me. Once I realized that I was going the wrong way, I quickly put in the right one and it took me through Atlanta. People who know me, know that I hate driving through Atlanta. I hate the traffic, I hate the fact that people don’t know how to drive, and I specifically

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Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

hate the fact that people don’t know how to signal, but that night none of that mattered. I was taken that way for a reason. Instead of getting frustrated, I laughed. Atlanta is a wonderful city to drive through at night and I appreciated the fact that I got to see that scenery instead of the way I normally go.

Now that you read my little story, let me offer you some advice. Instead of dwelling on what could’ve been or what you were planning on, take a different route and enjoy the scenery; and always remember it is okay!


I appreciate you tuning in for my newest blog and I hope that you tune in for the next one. I love all the support I am receiving and hope that every post I make is helping someone. Have a blessed week!