I Think I Met An Angel…

It was a warm spring day on the Kennesaw State campus green. I sat on the bench and waited for my boyfriend to come and meet me. I waited for a good five minutes before he showed. He expressed to me that he was hungry, so we went to the market on campus and got him a sandwich. We went back to the bench where we were resting and sat back down so my boyfriend could enjoy his sandwich (the sandwich was actually not enjoyable according to my boyfriend because it was dry). When he got done eating, we continued to sit and talk.

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A young man approached us and asked if he could do a magic trick. I was skeptical because some strange person randomly walking up to you asking you to participate in some trick will make you a little iffy, but I agreed.  The magic trick consisted of a stack of cards and a hallucinogen. Once he told me it required a hallucinogen I rethought my agreeing to this whole trick. In my head, I’m thinking, “this man trying to get me high off something weird.”

Against my better judgment, I continued with the trick. The young man went on to make my boyfriend pick a card. He told my boyfriend to not tell me or him. After he told my boyfriend not to tell me, he brought out the hallucinogen. It was a black Sharpie. He shows me the sharpie and spins it so that I can see that the logo on it originally stated Sharpie. He popped the cap off and asked if I could sniff the Sharpie. I look at him with hesitation and smell it. After I smelled the sharpie, he showed it to me. The marker went from saying sharpie originally to saying six clubs. I read aloud six clubs and he asked my boyfriend what his card was. The card was a six of clubs. We smiled and grinned like, “oh my gosh that is so crazy.” I asked if I could see the Sharpie again just in case my eyes were playing tricks on me. He gave me the Sharpie and sure enough, it went back to the logo Sharpie. I asked, “How did you do that?” Of course, a good magician never shares his tricks, so I didn’t get much from him.

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I told the young man how awesome his trick was and he thanked me. He started talking about God and asked me why Jesus died for us. I gave the answer that you learn in church when you are in bible school, “he died for us and our sins.” The young man agrees and continues to talk about it. My boyfriend who was still very skeptical of this man was just looking at him talk. My gullible self-was all in the conversation until he says can I pray for you guys. Now, my mother always told me to not let people that you don’t really know pray for you. You never know their intention or what they actually are praying for on you. My boyfriend wasn’t going for it and turn him down on the prayer. I turned him down shortly after. We thanked him for the information and the magic trick and he walked away. I turned to my boyfriend and we talked for maybe a good 30 seconds before I looked around to try and look for the young man. Just like that, he disappeared. The campus green is huge and we saw what direction he went in. In the 30 seconds that we talked, we still would’ve been able to see where he was when we turned back to look for him. He legit disappeared out of thin air.


Now in my head, I’m thinking I saw an angel. My boyfriend still was not going for that, but I knew somebody who would believe me, and that is my mother. When I got home, I called her and told her what happened. As soon as I was done with the story my mom was like, “girl, that was an angel.” She was wondering why in the world did a magic trick turn into a conversation about God. She believes that absolutely everything has a meaning, so she went and researched the religious meaning behind the six of clubs. When she started to read the meaning, my jaw dropped. Everything about the definition of the six of clubs sounded like what I was going through.

At that point in my life, I didn’t know where my life was going. I felt bad about myself. I felt like I did not know what my purpose was for life. I was going to group therapy for my anxiety and I felt out of place there at that current moment, but that young man and his magic trick made me realized that that was just a struggle for the moment and not a struggle for the rest of my life. Eventually, I was going to find my purpose and fit right into whatever that was. That pushed me to talk more in my group therapy session and that is when I had my epiphany about loving myself and went onto blog my journey.

Every once and a while I think about this story and I still believe that an angel was sent to me to remind me of what God has done and that he can pull you out of anything.

I appreciate you if you have been sticking with me and reading my content. I know I have been on a hiatus but I told you guys that that will soon be over. I will insert the link with the meaning behind the six of clubs below so you can read it for yourselves. You guys have a blessed weekend!