Rejection Is Good For The Soul…

I know the title kind of got you for a second, but I’m here to tell you that rejection is good! I know with a new year people want to hear positive things. They want the basic “new year, new me” line that everybody states before January 1st of the next year, but rejection is the new positivity. Here why that is:

Rejection Can and Should Push You to Want Better.

Yes, when you think about rejection, you associate it with being sad. The best example I can think of is when a person asks another person out and they say no. That’s a downer on your ego a little bit (a lot actually), but it is a push in the right direction. I am the type of person who always tries to see the light in everything. The light in this situation is that that person probably wasn’t right for you and they didn’t give you the chance to show how great you are. Now if you were a jerk about the ask out, then you probably deserved the, no, but the point is that that should push you to want better. 


You should want somebody who sees your light. If you get rejected from a job that you really wanted, then it probably wasn’t the job for you. You could’ve been overqualified for the position and they just couldn’t hire you because of it. So, you can’t just start thinking that you aren’t enough and start pushing yourself down. You have to elevate yourself and push yourself to apply to another job, ask somebody else out, network yourself still because rejection is motivation to want more.

Rejection Makes You More Appreciative

After so much rejection, there is always going to be that person(s) who will reach their hand out and take a risk on you. They see the potential that everybody else didn’t and you will always have a very big appreciation for the person who gave you your first break. An example I can give would be my second job. I had been applying to different places back in my hometown because I was going to be home for the summer. I wasn’t getting any bites, but I put in an application at my local Catos and got an interview. I thought the interview went well, but obviously, they didn’t. I never got a callback and I was actual knew the manager who interviewed me pretty well. That didn’t matter, I just wasn’t what they were looking for. Well, a couple of days later my parents took me shopping at Forever 21. I was looking around grabbing stuff that I liked and going to the dressing room to try them on.

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After I found everything I wanted to buy, I went with my mother to the register. When my time came, I placed my items on the counter and the lady working the register started scanning and asking questions. You know those “did you find everything you were looking for?” type of questions. My mother and I were just talking it up (more like my mother was talking me up like she usually does). My mom was telling her how well I was doing in school and how she doesn’t get any problems out of me, etc. I told the lady, “she always does this.” The lady thought that it was a good thing that I had a bragging mother. Well, she finished checking out my clothes and she told me and my mom the total. Before my mom could pull out her card, I thanked my mom for taking me shopping like I usually do when my parents or older brother do something for me. After the lady heard that she asked me what I was doing for the summer. I told her that I was just looking for a job since I was going to be down here for the summer. She offered me a job on the spot. She liked me! she liked how well mannered with my mom and how much my mom bragged about me and she wanted to see what I was all about. She gave me all the paperwork and said, “no need for an interview, just bring this back up here and we’re going to get you started.”

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I worked hard at that job and she saw that and she would always call me in on my off days because they knew I would get my work done, but the point is she heard me talk for a couple of minutes and was sold enough to let me work for her. There will always be somebody who will take a chance on you and you will have a better appreciation for them.

Well, just like you guys will appreciate the people who take chances on you, I appreciate the chance you guys take out on me. I hope to hear from you guys soon, and I will promise to work on my consistency. College is hard, so bear with me. Have a great week!