Ctrl. Alt. Delete.

Who is a SZA fan? That really isn’t the matter at hand. I just wanted to get some audience participation. Anywho, I was listening to SZA’s ctrl album the other day and thinking about random things like: what am I going to eat tonight, do I really need Zaxby’s, and what the heck is due in my research methods class? I would zone back into the album on certain songs and then give my lungs a break from my terrible singing every now and again.  I looked down at my phone and seen Ctrl: Go Gina, and I start my singing again. *inserts lyrics*

“To come clean I said

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To be real is to be real, no
Probably true what they say about me
Probably came from my inner circle
It usually comes from your inner circle
Or lack thereof and I don’t know who I can trust.”

I look back down to acknowledge that this is my song and something just clicked in my head. Ctrl. Alt. Delete. Let’s start by putting this in computer terms and then I will show you where I’m going with this!

When you look down at any computer keyboard there are buttons that say ctrl (control), Alt (alternate), and Delete, which is just plain old delete. What do these buttons do? Well, when I looked up ctrl, ComputerHope.com stated, “In computing, a Control key is a modifier key.” When I looked up alt, ComputerHope.com stated, “The Alt key on a computer keyboard is used to change (alternate) the function of other pressed keys.” Everybody already knows what delete is, so no point in that explanation.

Now that I’ve explained the computer terms, let’s apply this to your life:


Control what you can and stop trying to control the uncontrollable. You know the one thing you can control in this world is always going to be yourself and your own actions. You know yourself. You know what makes you mad, happy, sad, upset, ecstatic, gloomy, etc. If you put yourself in the environment where you know you’re going to make a decision that makes you step out of your character,

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then don’t put yourself in that situation. Control what you do, control what environment you put yourself in and control your own peace as we talked about in prior weeks. Control in your life is important and will ALWAYS be important. Without control within yourself, you will just be walking through life with a pout on your face because you’re trying to control what’s around you.


Alter your thinking. If your anything like me, you have your days where you just don’t want to deal. On days like that try to think a little different. I can go through so many trials in a day that will legit make me want to scream, but I try and manage. One of those trials I despise is parking in the parking deck in my apartment complex. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but I live in an apartment complex that has limited parking in front of my house. I legit have to plan out when I go grocery shopping. I just pray I can unload my groceries in front of my house without a problem, but I try to remain positive. Instead of saying, I hate living here and I can’t wait to move, I would say God is trying to tell me I need this walk. I really have to tell myself that after I drove around looking for parking, parked, and then somebody pulls out right in front of my house. That makes me want to scream again, but it was just meant for me to walk for 5 minutes to my house. You just have to alter your thinking from being negative about everything to being positive.


You already know I had to put delete in capital letters because it is the most important out of the three. DELETE THE NEGATIVITY AND LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU! My aunt always tells me not everybody is meant to take that ride to the top with you. Delete toxic people, problems and situations out of your life. Get that stuff away from you. Not everybody is going to agree with the decisions you make. They don’t have to agree at all, but they do need to love you regardless of

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whatever decisions you make. If they can’t do that then they have to get deleted. We as humans want people to agree with us when we make decisions, but if they don’t agree, we have to settle for understanding and support. Sometimes you won’t even get understanding and support when you make decisions, and that is fine too. You live your life for you and no one else

The last thing I wanted to talk about is what happens when you press ctrl, alt, delete at the same time on the keyboard. I know, we’re back to computer terms, but just see where I’m going with this. When you press ctrl, alt, delete on the keyboard, the computer will terminate and app or reboot the operating system. That means it will physically shut down and restart itself. Sometimes you need a reboot. Re-evaluate yourself after you have tried everything and just get a fresh start. Reboot your life with this ctrl, alt, delete method. Try to declutter your house. Maybe you can try to pick up a hobby. You might start listening to inspiration every morning as a way to start your day off with positivity. I just hope that you find the joy and peace you’re looking for by getting a fresh start. Not everybody will give you a second chance, but you can give yourself all the chances you need.

Thank you guys for tuning in for another blog post and supporting me to the complete fullest. I love you guys and hope that my ctrl, alt, delete method helps you get to your peace. Have a blessed rest of your week and hope to hear from you soon!